DJ Finzo gets candid

Date: Dec 7, 2018

DJ Finzo gets candid on dwarfism: I would cry and wonder why I was so different

DJ Finzo has opened up about his struggles of being a child who looked different to others around him, revealing how he would often cry and question

The star, whose real name is Phinel Sefatsa suffers from dwarfism and took to social media this week to shine the spotlight on those "who are ashamed of themselves".

DJ Finzo recounted how, as a child, he was ashamed of himself and asked his father to carry him because he didn't want people making fun of him.

"He would tell me that only God knows why I am born the way I am and he would reassure me of his love."

He said that the emotions were often so intense that he would cry and question why he was born that way.

"I cried a lot and wondered why I am different from other kids. He'd ask me to be strong and have faith in God's plan for my life."

The star said he was no longer ashamed of himself or his path in life and hoped to inspire others to also see their own worth.

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