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She's crazy behing the decks and will charm you to loving house music behind the mic! Give her a vinyl and you'll be lost for words! Always have had a passion for music she decided doing what she loves everyday, including cutting her sleep short every week-end if it meant sharing the joy that house music brings to her, is her life curse! No other defines or expresses house music like her, she is the "first lady of trufm'', she is dj Minty! 


What show do you do?

I do Mzantsi hits and Switch 9-12 Fridays and Saturday nights.

What is the personality of your show, favourite features? 

My shows are party shows, music driven. My favorite feature is Dj Minty's top3 trax of the week and old vs new house trax.

Who does your show speak to?

The show speaks to any music lover, fun loving individual and some1 who enjoys house music specifically.

Who inspired you to join radio and how did you join? 

Radio is one of the things I've always wanted to do for as long as I remember there's not one particular person that inspired me, its my dreams and goals that inspired me to join radio. 

What else do you do besides radio, your hobbies?

I’m a club DJ and an MC, so that's what I do when I'm not on air. 

Besides your own show, which is your favourite trufm show?

Besides my shows, The Nest with Siya Swagger is by far my favorite show. The music on that show is absolutely amazing!

Where would one find you on your weekend, what would you be doing and with whom? 

My career is about entertaining, so on weekends I work. You could find me at the Trufm studios, a club, or doing promotion activation somewhere.

What do you like most about Eastern Cape and its people?

I like the friendliness of the people in this province, there's also so much potential and talent here. Every body is so real and natural.

If you could be anyone else who would it be and why?

I wouldn't want to be anyone else. I could only want to be a better version of myself which I'm working on everyday. In which case I would dedicate an equal amount of time to charity as I do to my career, I would procrastinate less and I would go out purely for fun once in a while!

If not radio, what would you be doing? 

DJing all over the country.

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