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Zikho Mgayi

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Zikho is an amazing human being, a true cancerian; very in touch with my emotions....gigantic personality...can never not notice me, (for all the good things though) yet unbelievably shy. Above it all I am the most Spiritual person you can ever come across. 

What is your favourite place to visit?

Anywhere quiet and relaxing with beautiful nature is always refreshing.

Favourite meal?


What are you most proud of in the Eastern Cape?

The Incredible talent that everybody from this province has and also the fact that we are not afraid to follow our dreams, we are just passionate people!

Hopes and aspirations?

I aspire to become an icon....a Legend, everyday I pray that I touch someone’s life, brighten someone ‘s day, and most importantly change a person s attitude towards life. 

Favourite type of music; favourite movie?

I don’t like to limit myself....I watch any movie with comedy in it because laughter is the best medicine....when it comes to music, I listen to everything, honestly....depends on the mood.

Your favourite quote/words to live by?

There is nothing impossible when you believe.

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