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Ras Malachi Ntoyakhe

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Show(s): Reggae Tunes


What show do you do?

InI host the Reggae Tunes on Sunday 3-6 

What is the personality of your show, favourite features? 

The show is informing and educating the massive about RASTAFARI from all aspects of life locally and outernationaly. The artist of the week give the listeners a chance to overstand their reggae artist 

Who does your show speak to? 

To all Rastafari brethren and sisdrens and all reggae lovers as well 

Who inspired you ton join radio and how did you join? 

InI has never thought of it but wanted to own one specifically for rastafari community 

What else do you do besides radio , your hobbies? 

InI is family man, me like to spend time with my family and socialize with people, me play soccer and me like to listen to music more than anything 

Besides your own show, which is your favourite trufm show? 

Mid morning brand and the Real Deal 

Where would one find you on your weekend, what would you be doing with whom?

Ina me getto keeping the Sabbath and sometimes ina dancehalls

What do you like most about Eastern Cape and its people? 

The beauty of nature, the glorious history that we have mostly the positive energy to its people though we are known as the poor province.

If you could be anyone else who would it be and why? 

Definitely be ISELF because InI love and appreciate iself.

If not radio what would you be doing? 

The social worker taking care of jah people and teaching the youth about the principles of life.

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