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Zama Ntshona is a Port Elizabeth born and Ginsberg raised Talk Radio Presenter and Musician, who believes in a concept of a continuous state of becoming as a defining principle of humanity.  

His experience in the field/s since he started in the then CKI FM in 2006 includes him as an SABC Education Researcher, Script adapter/writer, producer and presenter, African story telling technical Producer, inter-faith program “Youth and Faith” and Sound of Spirit presenter, Host of the Dispatch Dialogues, Song writer, Founder of the Crown Award winning Zama and the Voice Ministries and Record Producer.

What is your favourite place to visit?

Any space or place where meaningful living can occur.

Favourite meal?

A Pescatarian dish, diet is good enough for me 

What are you most proud of in the Eastern Cape?

It has to be the manner in which we have refused to allow environment to define our existence and our contribution in the Liberation of a black man. This has earned us a legendary status as “the Home of Legends”, with the first two black presidents coming from the Eastern Cape Province amongst many leaders and intellectuals we have produced.    

Hopes and aspirations?

To use my gift as a communicator to edify society, advocate for social justice and change the course of history for the benefit of generations.

Favourite type of music; favourite movie?

Oooooh I love music. I love Creativity. I Love an extremely musical, content driven depiction of life in general. So give me good music any day (Across genres).

Your favourite quote/words to live by?

I am here in this world not to be a mere reflector of other people’s opinions, but as an active contributor and advocate of change for the betterment of society.   

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