Hlalani kum, mna ndihlale kuni

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Hlalani kum is created for everyone young, old and down trodden to be lifted up and for the hopeless to be hopeful and have a positive outlook in life.

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Mondays - It focuses on revival and healing whereby we give our listeners an opportunity to share the word and begin to testisfy based on that word. This becomes a platform where preachers and listeners can be used by God to uplift others and in the process they too grow and are inspired. We also allow listeners to call in and share their burdens by bringing their prayer requests which in turn they are prayed for by the Reverend / Pastor of the day. I t becomes a very emotional but healing service at the same time, we have received testimonies on how God received testimonies on how God answered those prayer requests.

Tuesday - We open the show with a word of prayer and deal with the issues we face on daily basis it takes a shape of a talk show - this is where we create a platform for Christian listeners to "take of the Christian musks" and talk, share experiences. We also give gospel artist to advertise themselves, new& old gospel artists share who they are with the listeners.

Wednesday - It is a youth service whereby everything is done by young people. This platform gives them an opportunity to love and respect one another and learn to accept each other's giftings in order to compliment each other rather than compete with each other.

Thursday - Women's program, women take a lead in everything on this day.We pray for families, children, marriages ,work places and our nation because whenever there's a mother there's always nurturing and nation building initiatives. This program therefore ends up being an all rounder. Most of all it uplifts women and encourage them to be the best they can be.

"Hlalani kum Mna Ndihlale kuni.  John 15:4

"When we remain in Him we shall shall bear much fruit "

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