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Isingqi Sezulu is a Christian Breakfast Show which is about encouraging, reviving and bringing people closer to God as they start their day.

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06:00 AM - 09:00 AM

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Simphiwe Mr G Gwana

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This is also a platform for listeners to share their prayer requests and be prayed for as to gain strength to move on. Isingqi Sezulu revives the listeners and gets them connected to the heavens through praise & worship songs. Listeners are fed spiritually through preaching (Guest Pastor) and are encouraged to study the Word of God by having a Bible quiz. If you want to experience Heaven on Earth, Be part of Isinqgi Sezulu.

Human beings in general have needs which some are not met due to various reasons. One of the needs of humans is around their spiritual lives. Some  don’t know that they have needs until the solution is brought before them. Isingqi Sezulu is a platform to meet the spiritual needs of the listeners. Some have lost hope and some have lost their direction on their walk with God.  Isingqi Sezulu catches them right at their point of confusion while they are still in bed their minds battling whether to go to church or not, whether to respond to the call of God or not, while some are in a stage where they say are disappointed with the way life has turned out to be. Isingqi SeZulu seeks to serve as a tool to awake people from their sleep(spiritual) and connect them to their Creator through prayer, The Word and Praise &worship.

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