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Tru Breakfast is sharp, catchy, vibey, filled with current affairs update, brought to you by a fresh team of socially relevant presenters. It deals with issues resonating with the listener’s daily life, while informing, entertaining and inspiring.

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Dee Lukes

Azola Vanda

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We have created the kind of breakfast show everyone can listen to with their family and friends. We have come up with a 3hour programme that will be relevant to all age groups coming fom different backgrounds. We have themed each day from Monday to Friday.

Mondays we have a social responsibility feature, where a caller will call in to give us feedback on the visa he/she had asked for Friday. Tuesday we have a health feature called “uyjima’phi le weight”, this is a health feature focusing on healthy living. Wednesday we have “Money Talks” this feature will equip listners with skills and information assisting them to live within their means ranging from saving to budgeting.

Thursady we have “Uphi’ Brian?” This feature showcases the different tourism hot spots in the Eastern Cape. Fridays are ‘First Lady Fridays’ where listners identify a needy family/individual and the breakfast team donates goodies for that family once a month. This showcases the station’s CSI initiative. Fridays is also Cel’iVisa Fridays, this is a pre-recorded feature where a listner asks for permission to do anything nge weekend it could be from a spouse or parent, and the spouse/parent gets to respond. that will ensure by the end of the show the listner is informed and educated in a fun way. We have our daily mixes to wake you each morning in a good mood, we have funny stories, jokes,  prank calls each day just to make your day light. TruBreakfast is really what you need in the morning a filling meal, that is neither too light nor too heavy it is just right to sustain you throughout the day.

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