Jamali's Mariechan goes solo

Date: Nov 1, 2018

Jamali's Mariechan Luiters on going solo: 'I was terrified'

As a kid she’d often go home in tears after another day of being bullied. She wasn’t fair skinned enough, her hair wasn’t silky enough, she wasn’t pretty enough, her schoolmates would tell her.

“They called me an ugly duckling,” Mariechan Luiters recalls. But her grandmother would tell her not to listen to a word. “Once while she was hanging up washing I climbed a tree and said to her, ‘I wish kids would stop making fun of me – I wish I could be as pretty as the flowers on the tree'.

“And my granny replied, ‘But you are as pretty and one day when you’re older you will blossom like my favourite cherry blossom tree’.”

Wise words indeed – because that is exactly what Mariechan did. Those bullies at her school in Stellenbosch have been proven wrong time and time again.

As a member of the all-female group Jamali, she went from being an ordinary small-town girl to living the high life in Joburg with regular TV appearances, nonstop gigs and songs that played on every major radio station in Mzansi.

But after several years – when it seemed Jamali had run its course  – she knew it was time to reinvent herself as a solo artist.

It took the singer nearly four years to shape her career to the point where she isn’t just the girl from Jamali anymore.

Mariechan is a star in her own right, featuring on singles with the likes of DJ Ganyani, DJ Qness, Euphonik, rappers Blayze, ProKid, Reason, Riky Rick and most recently Shekhinah’s Different.

But she isn’t just singing on other people’s records: she recently released her debut single, Missed Calls, and is working hard on her upcoming EP, due to drop in November.

It will be called Cherry Blossom in honour of her beloved late grandmother.

“My grandmother had a cherry blossom tree outside her bedroom,” she tells us. It was her gran’s favourite tree and the one she compared her insecure granddaughter to.



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