Lady Zamar: about her album

Date: Jul 3, 2019

Lady Zamar speaks about the Monarch album theme

Few weeks after the release of Lady Zamar album, Monarch, she reveals the meaning behind the theme used.

The album cover has Zamar dressed in a butterfly costumed dress, and while we thought it symbolizes love, she’s opened up on social media that the theme signifies royalty.

“#MonarchAlbum The royalty theme, for me, is very integral to the human race, especially Black people. We come from a lineage of kings of queens and we don’t take it seriously enough. We look at the entire world and how Americans, Europeans and Asians are celebrated but Africa is hardly ever celebrated for having good things. And yet, we are founders of almost everything that is good,” she said.

The singer further said that she wants to bring back every man and woman’s confidence of being a great and royal individual.

“Looking at the fact that we were once rulers and kings, I want to reinstate that type of confidence in women and in people. There is no shame in being great. There is literally no shame in saying, “I am goodness, I am royal.” I want young girls and young boys all over Africa to relate to that theme, and to not shy away from it.”

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