Helen Zille on Mandela

Date: Apr 5, 2019

"State capture started under Mandela" Helen Zille

Western Cape premier Helen Zille says state capture in South Africa started under former president Nelson Mandela.

Addressing a DA meeting in Kempton Park on Thursday night‚ Zille said Mandela had a blind eye on cadre deployment‚ which she believes paved the way for state capture.

"From when Nelson Mandela was still a president and from the negotiations in 1996 which saw ... change in the mandate of the Public Service Commission. From 1994 to 1996‚ from being a body of independent people who would choose senior public servants on the basis of fitness to do the job‚" said Zille.

She said the change to give power to the governing party to pick senior public servants was the basis for cadre deployment‚ which let to state capture.

"One area that he [Mandela] had a blind spot to was the danger of cadre deployment ... that set the tone and the trajectory that was inevitable‚" said Zille.

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