Molefe's property to be attached

Date: Aug 14, 2019

Solidarity moves to attach Brian Molefe's property

Trade union Solidarity on Tuesday said it has asked the sheriff to move ahead with plans to attach the property of disgraced former Eskom chief executive Brian Molefe in a bid to settle the latter's debt to the union.

In a statement, the union said it had obtained a warrant to attach Molefe's property in Pretoria as he owes Solidary hundreds of thousands of rand following a costs order against him after he lost his bid to hold on to the R30 million pension illegally paid to him after he quit Eskom.

"Solidarity is already in possession of a writ of execution, authorising the sheriff to attach Molefe’s property," the statement said.

"This [Tuesday] morning, Solidarity requested the sheriff to proceed with executing the attachment of Molefe’s property at his home in Cornwall Estate, Pretoria. The property will then be sold at a public auction for Molefe’s debt of R708 102 to Solidarity to be settled."

Solidarity said a final taxation of costs was yet to be done following his failed bid to appeal the high court decision in the Constitutional court.

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