Contribute to Mandela's legacy

Date: Dec 7, 2015

" There can be no keener revelations of a society's soul than the way it treats it 's children." Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela's love for children is one the things that made hima popular icon around the world. On the second anniversary after his death, Mandela's legacy still lives on. In with 16 Days Of Activism , against the abuse of women & children, here are five ways you can ensure you maintain Mandela's legacy of caring for children.

1. Empower children

Ensure that children in your area has access to opportunities. By doing this you are contributing to their development. If they require financial, emotional assistance or mentoring, kindly offer it to them. Children are the future of any society, empowering them contributes to the development of any nation.

2. Report abuse of children

Always ensure that children in your area are well-looked after and not abused. If you see aabuse in your area,  report it to the police.

3. Create a safe enviroment for them

Avoid exposing children to violence between adults or  violence directed at them. This includes keeping children away from social ills such as alcoholism, drug use and areas where they could be exposed to danger.

4. Protect their rights

Children, like any other citizen, have a right to freedom of choice, speech & all other rights. Allow them to exercise these rights withut any violation. It is through these that children can know their rights & fight for those whose rights are violated.

5. Educate them about their role

Nelson Mandela always ensured that knew their role as the leader of the future. If you could inspire this generation of children, then the future would be brighter.
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