Coronavirus testing in EL

Date: Feb 7, 2020

Coronavirus screening at EL Mercedes plant

Workers at Mercedes-Benz SA in East London are being tested frequently for signs of the coronavirus from Wuhan, China.

The company, which made record sales in China last year, on Wednesday emphatically denied allegations  made in an anonymous WhatsApp message that Chinese workers at the MBSA plant had the virus.

But MBSA did release a full list of precautionary measures in place.

MBSA spokesperson Thato Mntambo said: “Frequent temperature screening of all line builder staff is carried out daily using non-contact thermometers.”

She added: “Thus far, no suspected cases of novel coronavirus have been detected. Employees and suppliers of MBSA can be assured that measures are in place to detect, manage and contain any cases of novel coronavirus should it come to our manufacturing operations.”

Mntambo said the corporation was aware of “a recent social media post alleging the spread of novel coronavirus at its manufacturing operations in East London”.

“We wish to state categorically that these rumours are false. There are no reported suspected cases of novel coronavirus in SA.”

She said the company's expansion work in East London “necessitates the importation of skills from various part of the globe”.

“While none of MBSA’s employees or contractors are from the Hubei province (where Wuhan city is) in China, where the risk of novel coronavirus is believed to have originated, the company has proactively implemented measures to contain the spread of contagion.”

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