Guptas contest SIU claim

Date: Oct 6, 2020

Gupta brothers contest damages claim by SIU, Eskom to recoup R3.8bn

Rajesh 'Tony' Gupta and Ajay Gupta have launched an application to set aside the particulars of a claim filed by Eskom and the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) in August whereby they seek to recoup funds allegedly funnelled to the Gupta family.

In summons issued in the high court in Pretoria on August 3, Eskom and the SIU filed a claim for damages to recover approximately R3.8bn in funds from former Eskom executives, former board members, members of the Gupta family and others.

Eskom and the SIU said the funds were lost in a concerted effort to corruptly divert financial resources from the power utility to improperly and illegally benefit the Gupta family and entities controlled by the family during their acquisition of Optimum Coal Holdings.

The summons listed former Eskom CEO Brian Molefe and the Gupta brothers, among others.

Raising an exception means the brothers plead that the particulars of the claim are vague and lack the necessary allegation to disclose a cause of action or defence.

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