Prince buys his mom a car

Date: Dec 7, 2018

Prince Kaybee buys his mom a Mercedes-Benz and brings her to tears

Prince Kaybee did one of the things most young people hope to do for their parents when he gifted his mom a brand new Mercedes-Benz and her reaction was just precious!

The Banomoya hitmaker took to social media to share his mom's reaction when she picked up the car really touched him.

"‪Sho Oulady‚ here’s an early Christmas present to take you to the mall. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there and give you your gift personally but you know I got you!‬"

The musician said his mom's piercing cry gave him the feels.

In the third frame of the video we see Kaybee's mother crying as she sits in the driver's seat of her new ride.

"The part where you cry breaks me because not so long ago you were starving yourself so that I can eat. And to all my fans‚ you guys made this possible so on behalf of my mother‚" Prince shared.

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