Chippa talks about 'axed' stars

Date: Mar 24, 2020

Chippa sets record straight on 'axed' stars

Chippa United chairman Siviwe Mpengesi has provided an official update regarding reports that the club has parted ways with five of its senior players.

Reports surfaced on Thursday that Chippa have released Kurt Lentjies, Andile Mbenyane, Thabo Rakhale, Lehlogonolo Masalesa and Diamond Thopola.

However, Mpengesi, who was in attendance at the PSL Board of Governors meeting in Kempton Park, provided clarity on the matter.

"I'm still going to check that, I will hear what is going on there. Remember, I'm not there in PE but there was nothing that was brought to my attention," said Mpengesi.

Pressed for further comment on the potential departure of Mbenyane, who is the club's longest serving player of more than 10 years, 'Chippa' conceded that the 32-year has had his fair share of chances at the club and it's time he pulls up his socks.

"Look, I'm sure there are things that the coach is not happy with, but I don't think it is something that cannot be resolved," he said.

"But it's about time also that players like Mbenyane must come to the party - he must pick up hs socks. I mean, he's been with us for all these years, and for him to be behaving in the way that we are hearing...

"What we are hearing is that he's got days like Mondays and some days that he just does not come to training, and he's a player now that has been with us for many years but he has not yet even reached 130 games.

"So now, if you count 30 games times 10, at least he's supposed to have 300 games. He has played less than 130 games, so that shows you that he has not done a lot for the club. In fact, as a club we have done a lot for him.

"So, now a coach who wants to do well, I'm sure you might hear that coach [Norman] Mapeza was not happy with certain players in our club, and now Rhulani - because he loves his job - in fact he has already identified these dead wood players.

"Unfortunately, as much as we love Andile, the truth must be told that his behaviour is disappointing. But I'm not sure [about the other players], we are still going to engage the coach.

"This is not a final decision, but I'm going to sit down with him and say maybe, let's wait until the end of the season and then we can take that decision."

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