Zahara fights for her money

Date: Apr 10, 2019

Zahara fights back for money she insists she is owed

Multi-award winning Afro-pop musician Zahara is locked in a money spat with her former management company executives, TS Records’ TK Nciza and Sbu Leope.

Zahara has alleged to the Dispatch that she was underpaid for her performances, the sale of her records, and royalties for when her songs were aired.

She made specific claims about her monster 2011 debut album Loliwe, which she said sold more than 500,000 copies.

Both Zahara and Nciza confirmed that they had worked together on three albums, Loliwe, Phendula and Country Girl.

During a telephonic interview on Tuesday, Nciza laughed off Zahara’s financial claims.

He said her top three albums combined could not have made the amount she was claiming.

“Now that things are going bad she wants to make an excuse and point fingers.”

When asked how much money was made in total by the company from sales of Zahara’s three albums, Nciza said: “I can’t give you the figure from the top of my head.”

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