Actors: fired by Fergusons

Date: Oct 13, 2020

Actors Who Were Fired By The Fergusons

Connie and Shona Ferguson have come a long way since the days of Generations. In a bid to elevate themselves and after Connie quit Generations, they started their own production company Ferguson Films.

Being bosses come with many perks like the Ferguson mansion and their expensive car collection. However their journey to the top has been tainted with how they handle talent on The Queen and their other productions.

It all started when Vatiswa Ndara wrote a damning letter to Nathi Mthethwa bemoaning how the Fergusons were exploiting talent and paying way below what actors are worth.

The Fergusons released their own statement.

Then Keke Mphuthi came out of the woodwork!

The Throne star accused Ferguson Films of mistreatment and wrote that the stress she endured nearly killed her baby. She also claimed they reneged on a promise for her to see through her contract during her pregnancy by firing her.

The most shocking exit of all was Rami Chuene's dismissal. Rami confirmed her exit on Twitter but didn't reveal why she was fired but from the looks of it, their relationship went sour after TGOM weighed in on the Vatiswa Ndara exploitation saga.

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