Scuffle outside church

Date: Apr 13, 2021

Scuffle outside church as elder refuses entry to latecomers

God loves you, but don’t come late for church. This was the underlying message that played out in a video that went viral.

Parishioners of a Mdantsane church watched in dismay as a loose maul developed at the perimeter gate when an elder tried to refuse six latecomers access to the Sunday morning service.

The video captures two members of the Old Apostolic Church in NU8 — one an elder, the other a young family man — wrestling over the gate.

The church later claimed it had been forced off its railings.

The elder appears to get it almost closed, but the younger man, dressed in a smart jacket and tie, scrums the gate back to the open position. Massed singing of the Sunday hymn can be heard in the background.

The elder is heard saying: “You will not get inside. I told you to go home. You are blessed, beloved, but you will not get in.”



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