Faku quits parliament

Date: Jul 5, 2019

Ex-BCM mayor Faku quits parliament

Convicted fraudster and former Buffalo City Metro mayor Zukisa Faku has resigned from parliament.

ANC chief whip in the National Assembly, Pemmy Majodina, confirmed late on Thursday that Faku had resigned from parliament on Tuesday, after being pressed on her legal status in relation to her 2016 criminal conviction for fraud.

Majodina’s admission that Faku had quit parliament came within minutes of confirmation from the department of correctional services (DCS) that the disgraced politician had been sitting in the National Assembly while serving her house arrest sentence for fraud.

DCS regional spokesperson Nobuntu Gantana said Faku had entered the correctional supervision programme in July last year, effectively hoodwinking her party for an entire year.

“Ms Faku is in Cape Town for four days per week. This means that she reports at the police station in Cape Town then submits records upon her return,” Gantana said.

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