Chippa buys Gogo a house

Date: Oct 24, 2019

Chippa buys Gogo a house

Chippa Mpengesi has built a house for a gogo in need.

The house, paid for by the owner of Chippa United, was handed over to Maria Lungana (83) on Tuesday. Chippa was accompanied by deputy human settlements minister Pam Tshwete.

He said he was touched when he heard the gogo’s story.

“I know the pain of living in a shack. When it’s raining, you’re up all night,” he said.

Chippa said he was planning to build houses all over the country.

“I’m going to build 10 houses in each province,” he said.

He said he also bought her groceries, furniture and a plasma TV so she could watch his team play.

Gogo Maria said she had lost hope of ever getting a house.

The gogo lives with her two kids and grandkids. She said: “We’ll now sleep peacefully.”

Tshwete said: “We promised to help her and now we are fulfilling the promise, thanks to Chippa.”

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