Woman drinks her own urine

Date: Aug 12, 2019

Woman drinks her own urine to make her skin glow

Skincare routine, anyone? A woman is sharing her "secret" to glowing skin, but not everyone will be keen to try it.

Thirty-year-old Ruby Karyo revealed that urine is the secret behind her glowing and fair complexion. Yes, pee!

Karyo has been drinking her urine since she was 19 years old after her father introduced her to a technique dubbed "urine therapy".

She also sprays it on her face, claiming the practice is responsible for not only her glowing skin but her good health too.

In a video that has been posted on SWNS' YouTube page, Karyo can be seen taking a big sip of her pee. The clip also shows her dabbing pee on her face before going to bed, saying that the breakout will vanish by the following morning.

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