Cassper uplifts youngster

Date: Sep 11, 2020

Cassper Nyovest uplifts youngster by featuring him on 'Any Minute Now’

Cassper Nyovest was left so inspired by a young boy’s aspirational speech of being successful that he was moved to include it on his new album.

Cassper dropped his new album on Friday titled “A.M.N (Any Minute Now)” and on it, he uses the audio of a viral clip for a skit.

The clip shows a young boy from East London speaking to a taxi full of people, saying: “See me now, I will drive a nice car, only God knows. There is going to be someone who will take me and get me educated.

“I won't be poor forever, I promise - I'm not telling a lie. I'm here to try and get what I don't have.

“I'm a hustle, do you understand? I'm a hustle, bra. God is going to make a plan.

“Don't give up, don't allow satan to win, he won't succeed.

“Tomorrow you won't know me, I'm going to drive a nice car.”

Earlier in the week, the Good For That rapper was in search of the young boy.

Cassper tweeted: “Please help me find him? I used his voice as a skit onda the album and I would like to pay him for it cause it really moved me and inspired me.”

He later confirmed that a few people have found him.

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