'I saw her & just collapsed'

Date: Jun 13, 2019

'I saw her & just collapsed': Nichume’s heartbroken friends pay tribute at memorial


Tears flowed as mourners gathered at the Assemblies of God church in Sandton, Johannesburg, on Wednesday evening to celebrate the life of late house musician Nichume Siwundla.

The Bhutiza hitmaker's record label, Top Chap Media, said on Friday that she was found at a friend’s home on Thursday following an apparent suicide.

A close friend of the star, Buhlali Qina, said at the memorial that she was called to a friend's apartment because something had happened to Nichume.

She rushed there and said her worst fears were confirmed.

"As soon as I looked in 'Chume's face I knew. I fell to the floor and when I picked myself up, I knew I had to be strong for those she loved. We picked each other up as Nichume would pick us up without fail."

Another friend, Vuyo Jacobs, begged for Nichume not to leave them alone in grief.

"Love, please don't leave! Nichume you are love ... One day we will be okay. It may not be today or next week or next month, but we will be okay."

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