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Zolisa Xaluva "I’ll never kiss a man again"

Posted by trufmwebmaster, Thu, 8 October 2009 13:43  |  Permalink | Comments (3)

After a scene that shocked a lot of viewers watched Zolisa Xaluva, who plays Jason in Generations, kiss Senzo, played by Thami Mngqolo. He said the kiss was not such a shock for him because they were prepared for it. A self-confessed straight man, Xaluva, however, says in future he will decline any role that requires him to kiss another man.

Zolisa said “Thami (Senzo) and I are good friends who still hang out together even after the gay scene. It was something that we were prepared for. We understood it as a TV role we had to take head-on so as to educate people about stereotypes. The bigger picture is that the scene was not even about homosexuality. It was about destroying stereotypes and ...