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Zolza hunts Ghetto ruff boss

Posted by trufmwebmaster, Mon, 23 November 2009 12:18  |  Permalink | Comments (0)

Kwaito star Zola has hit back at his former boss at Ghetto Ruff Lance Stehr on a song, Zola is said he is talks about hunting and killing down the enemies like animals and suing them for millions of rands. 

A source close to the situation tipped off Sunday World that Zola’s inflammatory lyrics are aimed at his former boss Lance Stehr, boss of Ghetto Ruff, which was Zola’s first music home.

On track 13, Hunter Hunted, on Zola’s album Impepho, Zola talks about a hunter who is hunted. Some of the lyrics go like this: I made a deal with the devil... that’s how I was burned. He said I was too skinny and needed to be fed... 

The industry is full of tsotsis buying Benz with our kasi stories. You wanna claim the lyrics, tell me how come you were never on the streets. To write these bars you must get some scars. 1,7 million is just a start, I am really craving for your heart. when you kick a puppy, make sure you know the breed. 

You raised me to be a killer and now I am coming for your head and your enemy is loyalty that’s what took my royalties. 

Zola plays down the fact that he wrote the song about his former boss. Lance Stehr says he’s heard about the song but he hasn’t listened to the album. He says if the song is directed at him then he’s ready for Zola. Stehr says: “I hope he is only hunting men this time, instead of focusing on resolving issues between him and his kids. 

“He must focus on his life and also stop abusing poor women.

 “He is busy hunting.”

- Sundayworld


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