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trufm takes families shopping!

Posted by admin, Fri, 8 October 2010 16:23  |  Permalink | Comments (164)

trufm in partnership with the Department of Social Development made the day of four disadvantaged families when they were each awarded a R900 grocery voucher. The station’s goodwill was inspired by the International Day of Peace, which saw thousands of people around the world share the joy of peace and happiness with others.

The grocery give-away wasn’t the only surprise for the four lucky families either. As if getting free food wasn’t enough to put a smile on their faces, all four families also got to shop with trufm popular presenters Akhona Ngoqo and A.J. Blie as well as trufm station manager, Thobeka Buswana! The chosen families were truly grateful for their spring surprise grocery trip and thanked the station and the Department of Social development for supporting such a well-needed initiative.

trufm feeds the body and the soul …like no one else!


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