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Special votes around the corner

Posted by trufmwebmaster, Fri, 27 February 2009 13:09  |  Permalink | Comments (0)

South Africans who will be temporarily out of the country onElection Day, but who would like to cast their ballots, have untilmidnight tonight to inform the Chief Electoral Officer of theirintention to vote. The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has madespecial arrangements for certain categories of voters to cast a specialvote on April 20 and 21 within South Africa or on April the 15 at SouthAfrican missions abroad. 

South Africans who will be temporarily out of the country on April22 on holiday, a business trip, attending a tertiary institution orparticipating in an international sporting event are required to notifythe chief electoral officer. They must indicate whether they want tocast a special vote on April 20 or 21 in their voting district beforethey leavet South Africa, or if they want to vote at a specifiedforeign mission abroad on April 15. 

Such an application can be done by completing a special VEC10 formavailable on the IEC website. The completed form must reach the IEC nolater than midnight tonight and should be submitted either by hand atelection house in Pretoria, or by facsimile or post. 

Meanwhile, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon hascommended the role South Africa is playing in ending conflicts inAfrica. Speaking to journalists in Pretoria, Ban applauded thecountry's commitment to democratic rule since the end of apartheid. Hecalled on the country to display its leadership by conducting apeaceful and free election on April 22.



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