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Paris warn girls not to make sex tapes

Posted by trufmwebmaster, Fri, 31 July 2009 10:12  |  Permalink | Comments (0)

The 28-year-old Paris Hilton was embarrassed, shocked and humiliated when X-rated footage of her and ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon surfaced in 2003 and has vowed to stop other girls from agreeing to film themselves engaging in sex acts to please their lovers.

Paris said 'I want young girls to never put themselves in that situation I was in. Don't ever let someone talk you into doing something you don't want to do. I was humiliated, embarrassed and in shock that it happened,'

 'It wasn't my fault, it was something that someone did to me, so I've just learned to be a strong woman and nothing can hurt me at this point. It was definitely very painful. When you trust someone and love someone - for them to do that to you, it's really hard. It's something that bothers me every day.' She said

Paris…..'I think there are a lot of people that have misconceptions about me. They assume I'm just a party girl and they don't realize there's a business behind it. I've created this over the past 10 years,'

She added 'I think when people haven't met me they might think that I'm spoiled, that I'm a brat; that I haven't worked for what I have. I've worked very hard for what I've achieved. None of this was given to me. I've done it all by myself.'

SOURCE: news24


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