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Movie Review: Intonga

Posted by trufmwebmaster, Fri, 4 September 2009 13:14  |  Permalink | Comments (5)


Starring: Balekile Sam, Mzukisi Ntantiso, Axola Dlangamandla, Zolile Sodloyi, Zoleka Helesi, Mandisi Mkile, Nande Jobodwana, Zolani Tete, Dudu Bhungu

Directed by: JJ van Rensburg

Genre: Drama, action

Running time: 109 minutes


FANCY yourself a movie buff? Put yourself to the test by checking out the new movie Intonga, which opens countrywide today.

The film is the heart-warming story of Siviwe (acted by Mzukisi Ntantiso), a young man from Fort Beaufort, and his fight for acceptance when he and his mother move to the city after his father dies.

This Fort Beaufort stick fighter is confronted by Mdantsane amateur boxing champion “Knuckles” (Mandisi Mkile) after his “girlfriend” shows interest in Siviwe.

A twist of fate introduces Siviwe to Father Duze, who is the local priest, and he befriends Siviwe. After many confrontations with Knuckles, Siviwe decides to take him on at his own game, boxing. This is when he meets Sam, a legendary boxing trainer. The priest, the trainer and Siviwe prepare for the upcoming amateur boxing tournament. The main theme of the film is the rich culture of boxing that is so prevalent in the Mdantsane area.

The 109-minute film was shot locally in Fort Beaufort and in different locations in Mdantsane, including popular entertainment spot Man’s Buy and Braai and Wongalethu High School.

The movie is directed by JJ van Rensburg and written and produced by Bonganjalo Marala. It also features locals from Mdantsane including World Boxing Federation champion Zolani Tete, boxing trainers Balekile Sam and Dudu Bungu, and boxer Mandisi Mkile.

The movie is a must-see and is suitable for family viewing . It has brilliant camera work, a good script, great scene flow and an excellent soundtrack. I’d say local is lekker.

SOURCE: Daily Dispatch


posted by mentor
Mon, 7 September 2009 16:26

I'm glad that the E.C is improving

posted by cream
Tue, 8 September 2009 10:22

cant wait 2 c it (the movie i mean)

posted by trubrother
Thu, 10 September 2009 08:57

I'd like to see it...! The question is.. when ;-?

posted by cream
Thu, 10 September 2009 15:56

when you are loaded and free lol

posted by kopolo
Mon, 18 January 2010 10:33

i would love to see it .

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