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Malik talks about his new sound

Posted by trufmwebmaster, Fri, 8 June 2012 09:42  |  Permalink | Comments (0)

Known for his charming singing voice, Malik is not new in the world of good music. From the time he burst onto the scene, the talented vocalist has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he is a force to be reckoned with. 

After parting ways with the independent record label Ghetto Ruff, which released his first three albums, Malik went on a silent mode for a few months. His disappearance raised eyebrows but what many people didn't know is that the soulful singer was hard at work, preparing a new release, Music In Love. 

Listening to album, it is clear that the talented muso has changed his sound to cater for the older market - a decision which he says was purely influenced by his desire to put together a project with a vast influence of live sound. "I always wanted to do a live album and for that to happen, I needed an original sound. I had to go to the studio and work with people who have better understanding of live music," explains the singer. 

Malik says he has always had a soft spot for afro soul music and cannot wait to showcase his new material to the world. He adds that he is very confident that he has finally hit the right note with this project. "I really want to last in this game. I have always wanted to do this kind of music, that's why when you listen to the new album, it is completely different from all the previous work I have done," he adds. 

The album was produced by extraordinary producer and sound engineer, Thaso Tsotetsi whom Malik praises for providing the "most beautiful recording experience" in his career. The artist says he particularly enjoyed working with the Johannesburg hit maker because "there were no egos or anything that would jeopardize the production process."



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