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I am the new King of Pop

Posted by trufmwebmaster, Fri, 31 July 2009 15:58  |  Permalink | Comments (0)

The Atlanta born Kanye West, who is the rapper and producer, moved to Chicago with his mother when he was 3 years old,  now he believes he is capable of ascending to the musical throne the King of Pop has left following his death in June.

'You know everyone loves and respects Michael but times change. It's so sad to see Michael gone but it makes a path for a new King of Pop and I'm willing to take that on”. Kanye said

Kanye..........'There's nobody who can match me in sales and so it only makes sense for me to take over Michael's crown and become the new King.'

West also compared himself to Elvis presley.

West said: 'First there ...

Eminem Slams Mariah Carey

Posted by trufmwebmaster, Fri, 31 July 2009 13:46  |  Permalink | Comments (0)

The 37 year old rapper born in Kansas City,Missouri, has released a track called The Warning, which blasts the Fantasy singer and her husband Nick Cannon, and threatens to expose the brief relationship they had in 2001 by making public intimate pictures and voice mail messages

 The song comes after Mariah appeared to dress up as Eminem in the music promo for Obsessed, in which she said he was 'delusional' for hinting they had slept together in his track Bagpipes from Baghdad.lic intimate pictures and voice mail messages

'Only reason I dissed you in the first place is because you denied seeing me. Now I'm p***ed off. I'm obsessed now. Oh gee, is that supposed to be me in the ...

Paris warn girls not to make sex tapes

Posted by trufmwebmaster, Fri, 31 July 2009 10:12  |  Permalink | Comments (0)

The 28-year-old Paris Hilton was embarrassed, shocked and humiliated when X-rated footage of her and ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon surfaced in 2003 and has vowed to stop other girls from agreeing to film themselves engaging in sex acts to please their lovers.

Paris said 'I want young girls to never put themselves in that situation I was in. Don't ever let someone talk you into doing something you don't want to do. I was humiliated, embarrassed and in shock that it happened,'

 'It wasn't my fault, it was something that someone did to me, so I've just learned to be a strong woman and nothing can hurt me at this point. It was definitely very painful. When you trust someone and love ...

Municipality strike over

Posted by trufmwebmaster, Fri, 31 July 2009 08:59  |  Permalink | Comments (0)

At last a resolution ha been reached   but still waiting for the signature - in municipal workers' wage negotiations, the South African Local Government Association and the Independent Municipal and Allied Trade Union said on Thursday night.

Imatu general secretary Johan Koen ssaid. 'There was a breakthrough... and the deal was acceptable,'

The union members go on board on a strike over wages for four days

“Salga revised its wage offer on Thursday night to what amounted to a 13% across the board wage increase” Koen said.

Chief negotiator advocate Mzanele Yawa said,'By six in the evening we had a settlement,' Salga but added that the details of the settlement would be announced on Friday.

Talks were 'very tough' when they resumed on Thursday morning ...

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