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Obama: #1 News Story

Posted by trufmwebmaster, Tue, 30 December 2008 11:48  |  Permalink | Comments (0)

US president-elect Barack Obama has eclipsed all other contenders to clinch the top news spot so far this century.

A worldwide media survey released on Monday shows that coverage around Obama's successful bid to become the next American president was written about twice as often as any other news event since the turn of the century.

'Obama was unprecedented. He has captivated the world,' said Paul Payack, president of the Global Language Monitor, which conducted the survey.

The Texas-based firm analyses the global media to see who and what gets mentioned most among global print, electronic media and among blogs on the internet.

Obama coverage eclipsed news stories about the Iraq war, the Beijing Olympics, the global economic crisis, hurricane Katrina, Pope John Paul ...

Armless woman gets pilot license

Posted by trufmwebmaster, Tue, 30 December 2008 10:28  |  Permalink | Comments (0)

Jessica Cox was born without arms, but that did not stop her fromearning a pilot's license and flying airplanes, learning to drive acar, or becoming the first person without arms to earn a black belt inTae Kwon-Do.

Now a motivational speaker, Cox shares her storiesof struggles and success. She provides critical insight on how best toapproach a challenge, re-think what is possibile, and helps peoplereconnect with their own inner strength and aptitude.

Doctorscan't explain why Jessica was born without arms. Sonograms and otherprenatal tests did not reveal her rare congenital condition. Once shewas born, her parents taught her to use her feet as most children usetheir hands. They taught her to feed herself, comb her hair, and writewith a pencil gripped between her ...

SA helps Zim out

Posted by trufmwebmaster, Mon, 29 December 2008 15:29  |  Permalink | Comments (0)

South Africa has reversed a block on aid to Zimbabwe because of theworsening humanitarian crisis in the neighbouring country, apresidential spokesperson said on Monday.

South Africa had halted aid in a bid to add pressure on President Robert Mugabe and the opposition over the formation of a national unity government.

'We have now reviewed our earlier decision in view of thedeteriorating humanitarian crisis in that country. We have now startedsending the aid to Zimbabwe' through the Southern African DevelopmentCommunity (SADC), presidential spokesperson Thabo Masebe said.

South Africa last month withheld R300m of agricultural aid to Zimbabwe until an inclusive government was in place.

'When we assessed the situation recently in Zimbabwe, we foundout that the humanitarian situation there was dire and we now decidedto start ...

Proteas on fire

Posted by trufmwebmaster, Mon, 29 December 2008 13:21  |  Permalink | Comments (0)

Dale Steyn and Ricky Ponting were the stars as South Africa bowled outAustralia for 247 and reached 30 without loss at stumps on the fourthday of the second Test at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Monday.

South Africa have made a bright start in search of 183 to winthe Test and clinch the series, while Australia have rued the lack oftop-order support for captain Ponting.

Ponting, who scored 101 in the first innings, once again toreinto the South African bowling and had cruised to a marvellous 99 ashistory beckoned. He was set to become the first batsman in the historyof the game to score hundreds in each innings of a Test on fouroccasions, but it would all end in tears.

With a crowd of 20 ...

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