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Drake blasts David Guetta

Posted by trufmwebmaster, Mon, 23 April 2012 09:41  |  Permalink | Comments (1)

Drake insists he would hate to work with David Guetta because he prefers to make music which has ''integrity and soul''. The 25-year-old rapper insists he would rather make a club track with ''integrity and soul'' than collaborate with artists such as French producer David Guetta. 

He told NME magazine: ''For me, the David Guetta stuff just doesn't work. I don't really wanna go there. There's other artists, that's their sound. 

''They feel in order to thrive internationally that they gotta do straightforward, four on the flour, David Guetta, Pitbull music. 

''For me, I'd rather go to somebody like Jamie xx and tell him, 'Look, I really wanna turn the club upside down, but I wanna do it with integrity, with soul.'' 

Despite his fame, Drake insists he enjoys low-key pursuits like other men his age. He said: ''I've been playing FIFA, eating Jamaican food and listening to dancehall in little basements. That's just what I do. I don't want to change just because I'm playing in The O2. ''There's only about five rappers who could sell out there right now. I just happen to be the young boy, there's no point me trying to be older than I am.''



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