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Afro-jazz artist “Thiwe”: training to be sangoma?

Posted by trufmwebmaster, Mon, 21 May 2012 10:18  |  Permalink | Comments (0)

An Afro-jazz artist Thiwe's name was synonymous with nostalgic music that made people think of days gone by. But now her name is likely to be included in the thesaurus as a synonym for the "bravest crook". 

That's if a sangoma's accusations are to be believed. Thiwe, who was training to become a sangoma, disappeared without paying the Tembisa chief sangoma her fee. 

Speaking to source, Lebo Malatse says she was introduced to Thiwe last year 2011 by former Metro FM programme manager Segale Mogotsi, whom she trained with in 2007. 

"Thiwe told me she had a calling and asked me to train her to become a sangoma, and I agreed," she says. 

Malatse says the songbird agreed to pay R8500 tuition fees, which she promised to hand over before her scheduled graduation in January next year. 

Malatse says Thiwe, who catapulted onto the music radar with her song Crazy, moved into her Tembisa house buckshee. 

"The only thing she bought while living with me was her groceries," says Malatse. But, Malatse says, Thiwe disappeared a few weeks before entering into ntwaso phase. 

"I don't know why she did that but she showed some signs of depression and would often break down and cry. "What was stressing her most was the whole thing about Arthur and Black Coffee. "She would tell me she wanted to join Black Coffee's stable but Arthur wasn't co-operating," she says.



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